Doge is the original meme token, its only right that Doge is represented in these extreme spikes of market growth and thus Doge Grow explodes onto the BSC chain network

  • Doge Grow will be having a fair launch. We have decided to not have a pre-sale in order to give our entire community a fair chance to buy in at an early stage, helping us build more hype around Doge Grow.
  • We have an amazing team, our team will be extremely active in the general chat and on voice chat. We will also have moderators around the clock.
  • Our first plan is to release our amazing NFT collections made by one of the best artists in the crypto space!
  • We have some amazing marketing strategies which have been trialed and tested in the past. This includes: Daily CMS Trending, PooCoin Adverts, CoinSniper Banners, BSCScan Adverts, DexTools Trending and much more!


Our tokenomics have been carefully thought about and we have decided that these are the best tokenomics to achieve our goal. We will be generating liquidity day by day, meaning our floor will constantly be increasing whilst we reward our holders for holding.

Buy Fee


Sell Fee


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Please follow our Twitter and also join our Telegram to keep updated. Our website is still under construction, there is a lot more to add. We will be releasing our new website alongside a whitepaper soon. We will be having tons of contests and giveaways, so do not forget to interact!